Camping Trip – Spring 2013

Taken directly from the spiral bound notebook that accompanied me on my trip.

Camping Trip – April 2013

First, hopefully this will not be necessary, but I am out in the wilderness, and one never knows.

My mother’s contact info: XXXXXX

Also, my epitaph is in a notebook in a notebook organizer to the right of my tv stand in my bedroom. More precisely, it is inbetween my tv stand and my printer.
Enough with that, on with other things.

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Though even here the annoying little fruit flies seem to love my ears, which creates a surprisingly loud hum. I may light a candle which I brought – maybe that will distract them.

The time is now 7:30pm. I checked in at the park office at 4pm.
The hike here was pretty difficult because, as it turns out, I packed too heavy. I was of coarse, just trying to be prepared. Distribution of the weight would probably be greatly aided by a decent backpack, instead of the hodgepodge of assorted bags I had at my disposal.

For dinner…or actually all day today I have had a bag of beef jerky, a can of fruit, and some tuna salad with crackers.

The insects make meditation difficult.

I have discovered a length of rope and a spear-like walking stick that appears to have been used as a fire poker, as it is charred at both ends, and pointed at one end. I think I may sleep with these two items in my tent.

The sun is setting. I had hoped to take a short hike to a nearby look out point before dark. Also, I may start a small campfire, though I have no intention of cooking anything.

My glasses are stained with sweat, though fortunately, it is off to the side and is therefore pretty easy to ignore. I do hope that the rustling noises in the trees don’t keep me up.

As for coping with stresses back home, I feel pretty good about my plan.
1. See a shrink
2. Seek a secluded residence A.S.A.P.
3. In the mean-time, spend as little time in the living room as possible. This is where the noise pollution is the worst.

I have to say that my all-consuming, driving goal to create a video game seems pretty dumb and trivial right now. It was useful for driving me into an industry that allows me to sustain myself.

It begins to cool outside. I am pleased.
I kind of feel like a frontier’s man out here with no one else around. Just me and my thoughts and the bugs. :)

I have to say that out here, where I am not suffering from sensory overload and I am not crowded by people, companionship (normally unappealing) has a certain draw.
Not now mind you, it is good to be alone, and necessary, but if I could find the right companion. Someone mature, unselfish, honest, if she exists, that might be nice.
Everyone is human, everyone is flawed. I think the best you can hope for is someone who is willing to work at it and try to see both points of view with a mature perspective.

Modern culture (especially the internet) perverts human interaction. It abstracts expectations and by creating annonymity, removes accountability. This is bleeding over into the rest of our day to day lives.

My hands, arms and shoulders are quite sore from lugging all of my bags here. It is kind of nice, but it may explain my especially poor handwriting this evening.
Hey, maybe I could put this on my website.

On my 2.5 mile hike here (I assure you, it felt much longer):
I encountered 3 people riding horses together.
Then I encountered 2 women hiking back from camping.
Then I saw 3 women riding horses.
(These were the only people I saw on the entire trip.)

Now I think I will prepare to hike to the lookout point if daylight will hold out a little longer for me.

Maybe I should be a farmer. I’m looking around and thinking that if I could grow my own food I really don’t need and really wouldn’t even want all the rest of the crap that comes with modern life.
I’d either like to be a farmer or live in a commune or monestary.
I think in the order of preference:
1. Farmer or working at my friend’s brewery. He needs to meet some investors and get that ball rolling!
2. Monestary
3. Commune
Now, finally off for that brief evening hike.

My addictions seem to be a response to the stimulus of modern life, because out here, without said stimulus, I have no desire for such things that I am supposedly addicted to. The image of a cowboy with a cigarette was popular, but who needs smoke when you’ve got clean air, peace and quiet?

My walk to the lookout point was cool, but my attempt to start a fire was unsuccessful. I have taken some Nyquill, though both gel capsules had exploded. My ‘insomnia’ so far can be attributed to the fact that it is still very early in the evening by my standards (It’s about 10:40pm). However, it’s nice to be able to say that there is nothing left to be done. I’m not fighting sleep because there is some game I want to play, some work that must be done, or some ‘to do’ list still nagging at the back of my mind.
I think my life would be better in a sense without video games.

Look up a drum circle and attend.

Fortunately it looks like the swarm of flying insects was due mostly to the time of day – sunset.

I woke to find everything, even this notebook moist with humidity. I passed the night well for the most part. When I slept, I slept deeply, though to be honest, I think anyone would pass the night well after taking a Nyquill.

I woke several times throughout the night, but more or less went right back to sleep, save one time. I woke around 4am and was scared of noises I heard moving outside my tent. I eventually decided it was nothing but the wind and went back to sleep.

I hear nothing now but the chirping of birds. It will be difficult to return in a sense, but I have just enough water, and I want to get going before the day really begins to heat up. Also, I have things to accomplish before returning to work tomorrow.